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Should you vaccinate your pet or not??????
Vaccinations are a strange subject. Some people feel they are a waste of money but, would you forgive yourself if your animal died because you hadn't vaccinated it against a known virus or disease?????

Some are deadly and distressing to witness, Myxomatosis in Rabbits, Parvovirus in Dogs, Feline Influenza more commonly known as cat flu, to name a few. The costs in trying to save an infected pet are far more expensive than the vaccination would have been and the peace of mind is priceless.

The final decision is yours but no matter how much I resent vet fees, I really would not take the gamble of risking my pets lives. If in doubt, ring your vet (it costs nothing) and ask what he recommends. Another tip is to ring a few vets and ask them what they charge for various standard treatments. You will be amazed at the price differences. It really is worth shopping around. I currently use 3 different vets for my pets treatments and save quite a tidy sum over the year.

It is also worth noting that, should you wish to board your cat or dog whilst you go away on holiday, most reputable catteries and boarding kennels will not accept your pet unless it has been vaccinated.

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