Here's me aged about 2 years with my first encounter of having pet bunnies. This is Billy and he had a friend called Susie, but she was obviously camera shy. And no, I'm not deformed, but I've always been very clumsy and I must have had a fall - hence the lump on my forehead!
Me and Billy
My rabbit menagerie started whilst up at Animal Care. The white and fawn one (Bugsey) caught my eye and then I noticed Digger (the black one) who was really friendly and came straight up to me. I couldn't decide which to have, so adopted them both! Bugsey died of old age in 2004.
Digger and Bugsey
Sadly all my bunnies are now in bunny heaven. Digger is pictured here with Bunnykins (with the piece of cabbage in his mouth) and Aramoo. They live in a 'conservatory' which has a cat flap which is open during day light which leads into the garden.
Dinner Time
MissChief was my Christmas 2003 Present to me. She was only a baby when she joined me and lived in the house. I am sure she though she was a dog because she spent her 'childhood' in their company, relaxing in front of the fire with them. When she met the other bunnies, she got scared, So was a house bunny for months and went into the garden through the patio door!
Bugsey and Digger in the garden together with Fluffy, she's the gorgeous black and white bunny on the left. Unfortunately, I found her dead under the hedge. There wasn't a mark on her.
Bunnies in garden
This was the latest addition to my bunny family - Tasha. So named because she appears to have a moustach not to mention the cute tuft of fur on her head - ahhhh. She suddenly stopped eating and spent 3 nights at the vets but they could not find out what was wrong with her and, sadly, she died.
After nearly a year of living as a house bunny because she was scared of the others, Mischief joined the other rabbits - she's the one with a mouth full of cabbage. It's brill! I missed her and left the door ajar so she can come into the main house, but she was quite happy and loved her snuggles from the others. Sadly, she developed a growth and had to be put to sleep.
The above have now gone to the bunny burrow in the sky - bless them
This is my latest bunch of rescued bunnies and guinea pigs enjoying their morning vegetables - April 2008, with Kat watching over them.