I have always wanted some Love Birds and when these two came into Animal Care's Sanctuary, how could I resist? I have named them M & G.
In Cage
Lovebird closeup
They live in my lounge and I kept their cage door open each evening, as I hate any of my pets being confined for long periods in cages, and it took 2 weeks for them to brave their first flight. Now, they only go into their cage to eat and have lots of favourite places to perch. One of their favourite sleeping places is on top of my curtain valance.
I had a leak in my bay window and will be repairing the damage, but they are thoroughly enjoying helping me to strip off the wall paper!
DIY Lovebirds
This is one of their favourite perches and they spend hours peeping out of the window.
Unfortunately, freedom to fly around the house has a price to pay and these two little darlings flew out of a window and were never seen again. So, please be cautious when your birds have free flight.