I have had a dog in my life since I was 13 when, after years of begging my Mum for a dog, she surprised me with a pet for my birthday. We had always had a cat in the house and I thought she had a kitten tucked into her cardigan. But no, it was a long haired Chihuahua. Yes, one of the smallest breeds but it was still a dog! I was chuffed to bits and called her Pixie. She is pictured below posing on a standard sized cushion. Isn't she lovely?
The first time I ever saw a Miniature Schnauzer, looking like it was wearing a dinner suit, I decided that it was the next dog I wanted. So, when Pixie went to doggy heaven, along came Rupert. He's the one on the right posing with Andrew, my then neighbour's son and Spit the dog.
Hobo, a Patterdale Terrier, came along as a stray who I fostered for a week and ended up keeping. He and Rupert got on fine and became the best of friends.
When Rupert died, Hobo was alone for a few years. I'd been walking dogs at Animal Care for a couple of years before I was seduced by Wicksie. Her name is apt as she gets on your wick and is very wick and brave. She's posing in a convertible I had.
This is Hobo and Wicksie in the car getting all excited at the thought of their forthcoming walkies!
Hobo & Wicksie
Then, along came Timmy a Yorkshire Terrier. I had been helping his owner for over a year by walking him and having him for overnight stays. This became a bit of a commitment and I ended up having him full time as his previous owner couldn't cope alone. So, after years of living in a top flat and rarely going out, he's got the run of a garden and two doggie pals.
Here is my little trio - Hobo, Wicksie and Timmy. Sadly, Hobo had to be put to sleep on 6th July 2003 as a result of his Cushings and Timmy was put to sleep in 2004 due to his agression.
I had Tango for approximately six months. He had rage syndrome which is quite common in solid coloured Cocker Spaniels, especially the reds. I loved him to bits and it wasn't his fault, but after about 10 bites I decided I had no option but to put him to sleep, especially as the next bite may be the one that caused me permanent injury. Prior to coming to me he had been in kennels for 6 months, so he had a wonderful time with me having lots of super walks, running about with gay abandon with his ears flying in the wind. He was such a love but the rage syndrome would change him into a monster with no warning. There is no cure and the dog does not understand what they are doing. It is so sad.

Tango Bay Walk

This is Tango doing the Across the Bay Walk raising funds for Animal Care

Tango Garden

This is Tango having fun chewing in the garden


Hobo, Wicksie & Timmy

Here is my current trio. Wicksie is still here, Jazz is the little black poodle and Max the fluffy pom\corgi cross.

PLUS One - My birthday pressie to me - Pebbles the cocker spaniel - awwww!