These little creatures, that look like big gerbils and remind me of Disney's chipmunks, have always intrigued me. Like Chinchillas, they like a sand-bath. They make the most incredible little noises, almost birdlike, and can chew their way through anything.
They live in my lounge in a home made 'tower block'. Their nest box is at the top and it is really cute watching them taking shredded paper all the way up from the bottom of the cage. They hide nuts and treats in the shredded paper at the bottom where they also have an old jar full of sand in which they enjoy a 'bath'. There are apple tree branches for them to gnaw on and tubes and other places for them to hide.
This is one of the little chaps tucking into a rare treat. Treats have to be monitored as they need a very basic diet to maintain their health. A healthy Degus has yellow teeth.