I have always had a fondness of these furry creatures who enjoy a sand-bath and succumb to acquiring a pair a couple of years ago. This picture shows Percy and Daisy with one of their babies.
Daisy & Percy
They came in what I considered to be a tiny cage, of I converted a double wardrobe.
Chin Home
When Percy and Daisy had a baby, I decided to have in neutered. A few weeks later, I thought Daisy was dying. She later gave birth to twins! The little horror must have got her just before his snip.
Baby Chins

I now had a family of mum, 3 daughters and dad. Unfortunately, there was a tragic accident and mum, dad and one of the twins got trapped in one of the cardboard tubes. Mum and Dad died of suffocation which was a terrible shame. I now ensure that any tubes, etc., have a safe entry and exit. So I now have the three sisters and Mischa who was adopted from Animal Care. Mischa is shown below.

The Chinchillas are housed in the Conservatory with the rabbits and at night their door is open and they socialise with the rabbits.
Party Time