Animal Care was over run with cats on their waiting list to come into the Sanctuary, so I volunteered to do some fostering. I got a mum and 4 kittens. This is Ollie (so called because she watched over her kittens like a wise owl), with 3 of her kittens, Oscar, Oliver and Olivia - all of whom are helping me at the computer!
Computer Kittens
This photo shows Oscar and Olivia sleeping with my rabbits Bunnykins and Digger.
Kittens with Bunnies
This picture shows the little angels fast asleep - awwwwwww!
Sleeping Kittens
The kittens were great fun to watch as they scampered and played around the house but, sadly, they were rehomed, one by one, and that left Ollie. She was with me quite a few weeks and I grew very attached to her so now she is a permanent resident.
Ollie is a very clean cat!!!
Ollie in Sink