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I was a little sceptical about animal behaviourists until I started watching  programs like Barking Mad and was amazed to see the transformation from "Pets from Hell" into Pets that were a pleasure to live with.

It is definitely worth consulting an Animal Behaviourist before trying to rehome your pet (you'll just be passing the problem onto someone else and missing out on a pet you probably love very much apart from its problem), or even worse, before having it put to sleep.

If you are an Animal Behaviourist reading this page and would like your details added, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Contact details on Home Page.

CANINE CAPERS (NW) LTD......01524 825488 or 07961875130
As a behaviourist I offer consultations with owner and dog and together we will work at correcting the problem. I also give one to one training and Group training at Hest Bank Memorial hall,offering Kennel Club puppy foundation courses, Kennel Club good citizen scheme Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. I often use my 'pack' of stable, secure dogs to help other dogs with their problems. I am an experienced handler and dog trainer who has been brought up with dogs from day one. I have been working with dogs for 30 years. I am fully insured and vet recommended. Highly recommended by Dog Trainer for the West Yorkshire Police and by Animal Concern, Cumbria.
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